Adidas DAME 4 Performance Review

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Before we talking about he Dame 4 , we need to remind the Dame 3 which using somewhat of a new design, Damian Lillard’s third signature shoe has taken the same mid-top form which following the  previous model along with the bootie cut.

There are some details as below :

There are a lot of people buy the Dame 3 last year ,  not only the price is lower , but the Adidas with new design and tech . As the  NBA’s best rapper,Damian Lillard are the didas Hoops has laced Lillard up with the cleanest rendition of his Dame 3.

Damian Lillard’s third signature shoe has taken the same mid-top form from his previous model along with the bootie cut. In addition we have TPU across the panels that integrates into the lacing system which will allow you to customize the lockdown. The heel counter has returned and instead of a loop, the heel extends up to the height of the tongue. The other change is the Three Stripes branding which has been removed from the uppers and placed on the sole.

There are some details of picture for this shoes .

  It Dubbed the “Rip City” colorway which  the first sneaker sees the team’s red, white, and black used to decorate the sneaker’s mesh upper. The second “Un-dyed” colorway sports a cleaner look, combining an upper that contains both white and cream elements with a brown gum sole.

There are special design for the lace system and there is the logo —DAME Time:35.12 – 25.6.4 – 6 – 0.9 – 0 number in the tongue .

A sock-like fit on the upper that keeps the explosive guard locked in

For the material , It utilized a combination of mesh and synthetic materials throughout. it is more hard then the classic  Premiknit . and Dame 4 have more layer then moven mesh . there is a layer of white mesh surface, with black lines, then outer layer  of Dame 4  is a circular knitting. it is  perfect then last version . I have to say I love it very much . not only the durability is amazing , but the   Ventilation  is great .

In my 36 years on earth I have tried pretty much every sneaker technology, and nothing compares to boost in performance and comfort, and most important longevity.


For the lace system , it is special .  it is one of the shoes DAME 4 features, the front lace  buried in the inside,  then there are 3 red frosted hose lines  through the shoes lace .the three  Hoses  are  very sticky, dont worry it will be  loose when you playing. the lace system will be lockdown your feet well



The shoes strap wrote the DAME Time:35.12 – 25.6.4 – 6 – 0.9 – 0 includes his high school coach performance beyond with 35 points and 12 rebounds , and averaged 25 points and 6 rebounds in the last season 4 assists data, and to show the number  6 is representative of  the NBA sequence .DAME Time was born, in the 2013-14 playoff  game , 0.9 seconds must also the last  numbers .  in addition to 0 representative number, also represents the basketball career from Oakland to Ogden to Oregen.

“YKWTII ” was the logo that Lillard said “You Know What Time It Is”. The heel counter has returned and instead of a loop, the heel extends up to the height of the tongue.


For the cushioning . with  a full-length BOUNCE cushion provides him the support he needs when he’s at top form on both sides of the court.

There’s various overlays used over boost, and then  running shoes are just pure boost. Boost for basketball is excellent, it’s not set up like boost for a running shoes. we can feel comfort .

The thickness of the boost also has a lot to do with how soft it will be.With that said I also love bounce and it’s great for a number of applications bball, running, and training. Also thickness in heel vs forefoot and so on. It’s an infinitely tuneable material and Addidas tailors it to it’s intended use. And they are getting better at that.Boost midsoles have pushed Adidas to the top along with the influence of kanye

For the traction:The black part which hollowed out  is TPU.Dame 4 utilized  the herringbone  blade traction which  offers multi-directional coverage . you can do whatever you want to do , the blade traction should have you covered.Bounce performs way better than Boost. You don’t get that sinking feeling, it doesn’t bottom out as easily or as quickly, and it’s much more responsive.

Overall  ,There’s no other midsole ever made that compares to it’s comfort. I love the Dame 4 with the comfortable material and best cushioning .

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